Fix Oculus Quest 2 Fan Noise

I was so excited when my Oculus Quest 2 arrived this afternoon. I booted it up, went through the setup and upgrade and prepared to play my first game. While I was waiting for the game to load I noticed a buzz or whining noise that my IT brain immediately identified as a fan.

Sometimes when you first boot up new equipment it takes a bit for everything to settle, so I played a game for a couple of hours. The noise got worse not better. I hopped on the web and started searching. There are numerous complaints on Reddit, the Oculus Forums, there are even YouTube videos of the issue. The advice on nearly all of them was the same, send the unit back for replacement. Really? I just got it and I already have to send it back? Before I boxed it back up, I decided to see if I could fix it on my own.

I was able to get the sound on mine to completely stop! I removed the face pad and the noise stopped immediately. I snapped the face pad back down tight and buzz never came back. To remove the face pad just gently pull it away from the body of the headset. You’ll hear a couple of light snaps as it disconnects, especially near the top where the strap connects. Reseat the face pad and make sure it is snapped down tight all the way around. I hope this works for you as well as it did for me. Watch for a full review of the new Quest in a few days.


  1. Hey same here! Somehow, it doesn’t do it anymore. What I did was just grab it and hold it very strongly in my hands and shake the fuck out of it. Like shake it. No sounds as if objects were loose inside but now there’s no more buzz.
    No more noise for 4 days now.


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