Six Months In with the Microsoft Surface Go

The Microsoft Surface Go has been my personal daily driver for more than half of a year now. How’s it holding up after all this time? I haven’t replaced it yet and that’s saying something. I’m the type of person that acts on any excuse to get new gear. When I can walk into my […]

Fix Surface Go Brightness Control

I love my Surface Go, I’ve written multiple articles about it. I also spend more time on the “Go” than I do any of my other computer systems. I rarely leave home without it. The only issue I have with tablet is that the graphics driver occasionally flakes out and looses the ability to control the […]

Nvidia’s 2080 Ti, The New Hottness

Gaming PCs have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I like to build them myself and through the years I’ve learned that getting the best quality components is less expensive in the long run. Much like buying your kid a pair of sneakers that is one size too big, […]

My journey from drone zero to hero with the DJI Mavic Air. Part 2.

To get stellar shots with a camera drone, it needs to have a gimbal mount. Preferably a three-axis gimbal. This technical marvel will allow your camera to stay steady and level while the drone moves around it. It’s a miniature version of the device you see mounted on the nose of news choppers and attached […]

My journey from drone zero to hero with the DJI Mavic Air. Part 1.

Growing up I really liked remote control vehicles and toys. They’re what I asked for almost every Christmas and I was a regular pest at the local hobby store. As a young adult, I got more serious about the pastime and ended up with several gas-powered and electric models. I’ve always been interested in RC […]

The Apple Watch series 4

The last time I wrote about smart watches I ended up liking the Samsung Gear 3. I purchased the new Apple watch for my wife and we’ve spent the last few days setting it up and putting it through its paces. Have I changed my mind? She’s upgrading from a series 0 (original) so the […]

Things to do with your Surface Go’

So you’re the proud owner of a shiny new Surface Go, now what? Besides checking your email and surfing the web, what else can you do with the little powerhouse? Of course, you can install the ubiquitous PC applications, MS Office, Photoshop, and what have you. This article is more about doing things you may […]

The 2018 Microsoft Surface Go

As most of my readers know, I am a fan of tablet computers. Especially those that have a pen input option. I first became interested in them after seeing Bill Gates show off a Windows XP tablet edition device on Good Morning America. I like technology and I also enjoy writing, but some part of […]