Merge PST Files In Outlook

You can use Outlook 2007 and newer to merge PST files. This process is useful if you have acquired somebody else’s mailbox export, or have numerous archive files that are difficult to deal with. You can not select a source PST that is in use by Outlook so you must close it first. If you […]

Understanding Send As with Signatures from Exchange Shared Mailboxes

Normally when an account is given full permissions to a shared mailbox, the shared mailbox is auto-mapped to the delegate account’s Outlook profile. The shared mailbox is added to a linked attribute in Active Directory. Linked attributes describe a relationship between objects and are often paired as ForwardLinks and BackLinks. In the case of Exchange […]

PowerShell: Rename Domain Computers from a List

I needed to rename a bunch of computers in a hurry. As usual I turned to PowerShell. The old and new names were provided to me in a CSV. The systems were spread over a wide area and throughout different departments so I would need to include connectivity testing and some simple reporting to keep […]

TPM Security Processor Troubleshooting Guide

Status  The first step of troubleshooting Trusted Platform Module (TPM) errors is to review the status of the security processor.   Windows 10   Go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Device Security -> Security Processor Details  Or Type “TPM” in the search box and select Security Processor Details  Or run Get-TPM in an administrator PowerShell console.   Any […]

PowerShell: List Microsoft 365 Accounts that do not have MFA Enforced

Microsoft’s 365 enrollment has three states: Enabled, Enforced, and Disabled. Enabled means that a user has, or will be prompted to enroll for multi-factor authentication. However, if they do not complete the enrollment and you do not have any type of enforcement policy, the account will continue to be authenticated without MFA. Once a person […]

Mobile Security the Easy Way, Setup Intune Mobile Application Management

Several of the solutions for controlling mobile data on the market claim to have an easy solutions, but only one of them has impressed me. Microsoft’s Intune Endpoint Device Manager is extremely robust and very complicated. However, if you forget about trying to push apps and manage user profiles for now and concentrate on securing […]

Hyper-V NAT: Remote Access to Windows and Linux Virtual Machines

I’ve written several posts on creating Hyper-V virtual machines on Windows 10. One of my most popular covers how to create a Linux VM with sound. Inevitably, somebody will follow up with a question along the lines of, “How do I access XRDP (Linux RDP Server) from other machines on my network?” One might be […]

Troubleshoot and Control Outlook Notifications for Shared Objects

If there’s one thing Outlook really likes to do, it is to make sure that you are notified. Sometimes it can be a little overbearing, especially if you are a member of very many shared mailboxes, a room delegate, or have full access to another individual’s mailbox. You will get all of those notifications too. […]

Understand Employee Utilization with Microsoft 365 Usage Reports

A question that I am often asked after a Microsoft 365 implementation is, “How do I know what people are doing with it ?” Microsoft’s ever evolving cloud platform has recently added an improved reporting feature that is easy to use and very informative. Logon to the Microsoft 365 admin portal with your global administration […]