Methods for Scanning to SharePoint Online

One question that frequently arises during remote work transitions is “What do we do about the physical mail?” One of my go to solutions has been to email enable SharePoint document library folders and point our scanner’s email function at those addresses. Unfortunately, SharePoint On-line lacks the ability to email enable folders. If you are […]

Configure Hyper-V for Remote GUI and Console Management

If you administrate a Hyper-V environment that has been deployed on Windows Core Edition Hosts, or if you’re required to manage multiple Hyper-V clusters remote management will make life easier for you. Configuring the option to use the GUI Hyper-V Manager application installed on your workstation to control remote servers is a straight forward process […]

PowerShell – Combine Data from Multiple Modules

If you use PowerShell long enough you will inevitably need to combine data from more than one module, method, or object into a report of some kind. As an example, I ran into a situation where I needed to show mailbox sizes by city. Exchange doesn’t have the city attribute, but we know Active Directory […]