View Microsoft Project Files without Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is the king of planning software. I’ve been using it for more than a decade but my current employer uses a different tool for the job which isn’t a problem on it’s own, I’m flexible. The issue arises when a client sends me their plan in an mpp file. There is no Project […]

PowerShell: List Domain Workstations that Synchronize Offline Files

Once upon a time in an IT shop far, far away I thought that Windows offline files was a fantastic feature. Who remembers when it used to be called the briefcase? Now with DFS, SharePoint, Folder Redirection, and other modern file services taking over from standard file shares, the technology is dated and often causes […]

PowerShell Hyper-V Cluster VM Status

As an employee of an MSP, I am often tossed into the ring, so to speak. I’ve found that configuring Microsoft’s tools to see all of the virtual machines in a clustered Hyper-V environment consumes too much time in high-pressure situations. Depending on the version of Windows the hosts are running, you may not see […]

Emulate the Microsoft 365 Single-Sign-On Experience from Personal Systems

To most of us SSO (Single-Sign-On) means that we only need to enter our username and password one time to access our company’s services and applications. It sounds simple enough but is quite complex. As we have migrated to working remotely many of us have switched to using our personal computing systems for various reasons. […]

How To Stop Sharing OneDrive Files

In my previous post, I explained how to run a report in OneDrive that lists all of the data you have shared and who you have shared it with. These shares build up over time and it is easy to forget who has access to what. So you’ve run the report and found some data […]

OneDrive Sharing Report

Over time you can end up sharing lots of files with people via OneDrive. It is easy to forget who has access. Microsoft has included a report utility in OneDrive Online that will export a list of all the shared files and who has access to them. Find the OneDrive icon in your system tray (next to […]

PowerShell – Microsoft 365 User and Assigned Licenses Report

Microsoft 365 provides a lot of well conceived admin tools via its on-line portal. Their user tool is fantastic for creating and editing user accounts, but getting reports from it can be challenging. Lucky for us Microsoft 365 can also be accessed through PowerShell. This script will prompt for credentials and the org name. Then […]

Methods for Scanning to SharePoint Online

One question that frequently arises during remote work transitions is “What do we do about the physical mail?” One of my go to solutions has been to email enable SharePoint document library folders and point our scanner’s email function at those addresses. Unfortunately, SharePoint On-line lacks the ability to email enable folders. If you are […]