Exchange Global Address List Synchronization

Run a Web search for GAL Sync and you will find a plethora of commercial tools made to do the job. Before you plunk down a giant wad of cash, consider doing it yourself with a little PowerShell know how.

Free Exchange Distribution List Memebers Reporting Tool

As and Exchange Architect, I often get asked to report on who belongs to a particular distribution list. It is easy enough to open Outlook or ADUC and find the DL group and view the DL members. If your organization has Skype for Business you can also use it to view the membership of a […]

Powershell; Folder Report with File Count and Size

I was recently asked what tool would be best to report the number of items in, and the size of, every folder in a particular file share. As an IT Architect I have numerous tools at my disposal that would be able to acquire the data my business partner needed. A few lines of PowerShell […]