Sneak Attack! Proxy Malware; What it is, How to Find It, and How to Remove It

There’s a new trick up the Internet bad guy’s sleeves and its a doozy. Instead of installing keyloggers or other capturing tools they install a proxy server and set your browsers and other web apps to use it.

Network Speed Boost Part 2; Wi-Fi

If you’ve read Part 1 of this series you’ll know that I don’t advocate for investing in upgrading your Wi-Fi until you’ve addressed the cable network that feeds it. There’s no point in spending hundreds to get Gigabit wireless when your cabled network only runs at 100mb/s, your router is too slow to keep collisions […]

Network Speed Boost Part 1; Upgrade your Router

Today’s high-speed internet has become a utility that needs to be distributed throughout your home to countless devices. Not so long ago, this was relatively easy to accomplish. More or less, you only needed to connect the combo modem / router / firewall from your Internet provider to your computer(s) and the rest of the […]