PowerShell: List all non-system Service Accounts in A Windows Domain

During a recent security exercise, I needed to validate all of the admin created service accounts in use on a customer’s Windows domain. The only problem was the total lack of trust in the documentation. In order to check them, I would first have to find the service accounts across dozens of customer environments. Surely […]

Trouble landing a GPU? Go fish for a CPU instead.

My main gaming rig, the “Elder-Wand,” has been struggling to maintain 120 FPS at 4K in several triple A titles as of late. I’ve been holding off on upgrades while waiting for the GPU mess to sort itself out. After more than a year of waiting, I’ve decided to change tactics. Running the benchmark utilities built […]

My Experience with Installing Windows 11 On Stuff

In the beginning, there was so much confusion around Microsoft’s new OS requirements that even many professionals had to tune out the noise. Now that 11 has actually landed, the requirements aren’t too difficult to grasp, right? TPM 2.0 and an eighth gen or newer CPU are the big ones. If you are okay with […]

The Best One is the 6th Gen iPad Mini

An iPad Mini is the lesser-known middle sibling that sits between a full-size tablet and a phone. The diminutive tablet is often skipped over in Apple’s upgrade cycles. Not this time though. The new Mini has been completely redesigned and the results are spectacular.  First up on the long list of upgrades is the screen.  […]

A Note Lover Switches to The Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G

I have owned almost every model of Galaxy Note phone and written extensively about them. If you have read many of my other posts then you know of my appreciation for writing with digital pens. The Note and I were a match made in Heaven. Taking Samsung’s S-pen support bait and moving to the Fold […]

Get Started 3D Laser Printing with a K40

The 3D printers we have all become familiar with over the last ten years use an additive process to create objects from digital maps. The X,Y,Z mechanisms contained within their erector set frames, lay rows of molten plastic one on top of the other to build up structures millimeter by millimeter. They are fantastic machines […]

The Unifi Flex Mini Managed Switch

Sometimes it is necessary to add a few network ports in a room, on a table, or even in an office cube. We know that our network admins hate those little five port mini switches that we all pick up at BestBuy and plug-in behind the printer, but the two jacks they put in our […]

Fix A Common FortiGate VPN DNS Issue

FortiGates are fantastic IEDs (Integrated Edge Devices) that are often used as VPN concentrators for remote workers. Their SSL VPN is simple enough to setup but there is a misunderstanding around DNS that I have encountered a few times now. The problem occurs when an administrator has configured the FortiGate to use internal DNS severs […]

Unexpected Results Installing Anti-Virus Software on Windows Servers

When you install anti-virus software on Windows 10 it registers itself with the Security Center and automatically turns off Windows Defender. This happens because Microsoft knows that running two AV packages at the same time causes problems like poor performance, application crashes, and even system failures. Until recently, I assumed that installing anti-virus on Windows […]