Fix a Dell G3 3950 Laptop Hinge

The Dell G3 laptop that I bought my son for Christmas last year has been a good choice. It runs all of his games, graphics editing, and CAD software with ease. A few months ago we doubled the RAM to 32GB and added another 1TB SSD so that he can run VMs for his development […]

Merge PST Files In Outlook

You can use Outlook 2007 and newer to merge PST files. This process is useful if you have acquired somebody else’s mailbox export, or have numerous archive files that are difficult to deal with. You can not select a source PST that is in use by Outlook so you must close it first. If you […]

Full OneNote Desktop Edition Back from the Grave?

I had converted over to to the OneNote Microsoft Store app a while back when Microsoft announced they were ending support for the full desktop edition. I’ve always been inclined to adapt to the ever changing technology world rather than constantly trying to swim upstream. I preferred some of the features that were in the […]

Fix Nvidia RTX 30 Series HDMI HD Audio Drop Out

I’ve written several articles about my recent foray into laptop gaming. I purchased an ASUS TUF gaming laptop, Logitech Keyboard and Mouse, and Logitech Headphones to use with my big screen in the living room. Everything has been working well until a week or so ago. I noticed that when my laptop was connected to […]

Couch Gaming Perfection with The Logitech G935 Headset

A short time ago I jumped into laptop gaming, in part so that I could easily enjoy playing in my living room. Right after I purchased my new ASUS laptop I found out that the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse I was planning on using wouldn’t cut it. Logitech’s Lightspeed gear saved the day. I had […]

Understanding Send As with Signatures from Exchange Shared Mailboxes

Normally when an account is given full permissions to a shared mailbox, the shared mailbox is auto-mapped to the delegate account’s Outlook profile. The shared mailbox is added to a linked attribute in Active Directory. Linked attributes describe a relationship between objects and are often paired as ForwardLinks and BackLinks. In the case of Exchange […]

Oculus Air Link Setup on Unify Networks

Until now, wirelessly streaming games to the Oculus Quest 2 has been limited to using development drivers in combination with specialized software like Virtual Desktop. I’ve written step by step guide to getting that option working here. Now, Facebook has enabled Oculus Air Link which allows streaming of Oculus Store apps too. It was a […]

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Cloud Streaming on PC

I jumped on the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate bandwagon at the very beginning. The service started out strong and has only gotten stronger. When they added game streaming to Android devices I knew that I had picked a winner. I had just started playing The Outer Worlds on my Xbox and the ability to play […]

PowerShell: Rename Domain Computers from a List

I needed to rename a bunch of computers in a hurry. As usual I turned to PowerShell. The old and new names were provided to me in a CSV. The systems were spread over a wide area and throughout different departments so I would need to include connectivity testing and some simple reporting to keep […]

Two Devices at the Same Time with Jabra 85t True Wireless Earbuds

I’ve been a fan of Bluetooth headphones since the beginning. When true wireless headphones first launched in 2015, I was lucky to get to try a pair of Bragi Dash at a tech show. They sounded horrible by today’s standards and if you turned your head too much you’d loose one. To have no cable […]