Finally! iPad Gets True Handwriting Recognition

If you have been reading my blog for very long, then you will know that my biggest gripe with the iPad is it’s lack of handwriting recognition. Why on earth would Apple have invested so much into the design of the glorious Apple Pencil and leave out the thing it would be most useful for? […]

Simplified note taking with Plumbago

I spend hours working in Microsoft OneNote everyday. ┬áIt’s my go to tool for planning, documentation, and notes. I’ve been using it since the beginning and have evangelized its benefits far and wide. If OneNote has a weakness (not saying it does LOL) it probably lies in being too complicated for some jobs. Enter Plumbago, […]

Creative Journaling with the iPad: Part 2, Getting started with Goodnotes

In the same way that computerized word processing displaced type-writers; many people are making the switch from paper journals and diaries to digital ones. Computer based journaling offers several key benefits over paper: backups, sharing, multimedia, and security options are all easily accessible options in an application but difficult to achieve in paper. Apple’s tablets […]