Unexpected Results Installing Anti-Virus Software on Windows Servers

When you install anti-virus software on Windows 10 it registers itself with the Security Center and automatically turns off Windows Defender. This happens because Microsoft knows that running two AV packages at the same time causes problems like poor performance, application crashes, and even system failures. Until recently, I assumed that installing anti-virus on Windows […]

Mimecast Email Security Firm Compromised

Mimecast, a popular Email Security and Archival platform, posted on its blog Tuesday that a certificate it uses to encrypt traffic between itself and Microsoft was hijacked. Details are sketchy at this point, but the company is estimating approximately ten percent of its more than 36,000 customers use the corrupted connection. The suggested action is […]

Edit Code on Your Android Device

Every once in a while I find myself needing to review or edit code on my mobile. It never fails, I’ll be out with my family and the solution to some problem I have been struggling with will pop into my head seemingly from nowhere. The other common scenario I experience is somebody emailing me […]

SolarWinds Orion Monitoring Tool Has Been Compromised

SolarWinds is an Austin Texas based company that makes a lot of tools used by IT departments the world over. Their all-in-one monitoring suite known as Orion has been the victim of a supply chain attack. In what experts are calling a Nation State funded hack, updates to the software over the last several months […]

The Dark Side of MFA

Have you every met a person who has invested in a four-wheel-drive vehicle and became a poor driver because of it? An acquaintance was taking me for a drive in his new SUV on a snowy day and was driving quite dangerously. “Don’t worry, it’s four-wheel drive”, he told me. I was thinking, “yeah, but […]

A Kickstand for any Phone or Case

I’ve been a big fan of Samsung’s LED Wallet Case for years. I had them for my last three Samsung Galaxy Note phones. They hold a couple of cards and have an LED display on the front that displays various simple lighted icons for notifications, calls, texts, and music. The one thing the case doesn’t […]

Fix Oculus Quest 2 Fan Noise

I was so excited when my Oculus Quest 2 arrived this afternoon. I booted it up, went through the setup and upgrade and prepared to play my first game. While I was waiting for the game to load I noticed a buzz or whining noise that my IT brain immediately identified as a fan. Sometimes […]