Methods for Scanning to SharePoint Online

One question that frequently arises during remote work transitions is “What do we do about the physical mail?” One of my go to solutions has been to email enable SharePoint document library folders and point our scanner’s email function at those addresses. Unfortunately, SharePoint On-line lacks the ability to email enable folders. If you are […]

Install an Advanced Home Network – Part 3 Install the Equipment

In part 1 of this series we discussed what equipment you would need to purchase to install a modern advanced network in your home. In part 2 we learned how to assemble network cables. Now we’re going to use our new-found skills to install the equipment. Place a switch and access point on each floor […]

Adjust Your Service Plans to Save Money While Working From Home

Many Americans are working from home for a much longer stretch than anyone expected. For some, it has become a permanent change. For others, it is a temporary situation with no end in sight. The other night my spouse and I sat down to review and modify our various service plans to better fit our […]

A Full Function Smart Scale for Thirty Dollars

We’ve had an old fashioned white scale on our bathroom floor for as long as I can remember. You know the kind, tap it to turn it on and wait for it to zero out. Then step on and read the number. No body fat percentage, no BMI, just your weight. I had looked at […]

Install An Advanced Network At Home – Part 2 How to Make Network Cables

Sing it with me everyone, “orange-white, orange, green-white, blue, blue-white, green, brown-white, brown”. I like the “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” tune, but use whatever suits your fancy. The point is to be able to easily remember the order that you arrange the individual strands of a Cat5 cable in. If you have read Part 1 […]

Install An Advanced Network at Home – Part 1 The Equipment

The future demands that a reliable high-speed network be available in your home. Video conferencing, cloud computing, work from home, and on-line entertainment have shifted from secondary services we all had, to necessities we can’t live without. The days when you could plop the Modem/Router/Wi-Fi combo unit that your ISP gave you behind the TV […]

Has the Pandemic Shown Us That We Don’t Need to Print?

I once worked with an individual that printed and filed his emails. All of them, even the SPAM. This person wore out a LaserJet printer about once per year. I asked about the endeavor while installing yet another new printer. It was a form of hoarding pure and simple, the printed copies were “in case […]