Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. The best Switch game you’ve never heard of.

While wondering around one of our local game stores (Vintage Stock) with my family, I saw a game that hadn’t heard of before. I picked it up to read the summary on the case and was given a vague description of an island rather than an idea of the game play. I pulled out my phone and spent a few minutes researching on-line but didn’t find a lot of information.

The single review that I did find said the game was a cross between Zelda Breath of the Wild, Animal Crossing, and Harvest moon. So I took a chance that my wife and daughter would enjoy it and picked it up; they both love all three of those games. It turns out that description is accurate but I would add Stardew Valley to the list. The game takes place in on a whimsically cute island that is divided into 8 environments. There are story based missions, farming, collecting, mining, fishing, and crafting but no actual combat. There are people to talk to, a fairy sidekick, animals to herd and more.


The graphics are good, the music and sound effects are great and the controls are well thought out. The game is text-based with voiced emotions like the older Zelda games. To be honest I haven’t even had a chance to play it myself. I’ve been watching my wife play and she won’t share. Needless to say they like it. I might even give it a try and I don’t usually like farming/collecting games.

You can fully customise your character at the beginning of the game. As you play you’ll find dye kits, accessories like glasses, and more to enhance your avatar with your own personal flair.


The game also has seasons and a full day/night cycle.


I expect to be seeing this on my TV screen and hearing it comming from various Switches in my househould for months to come. If you like farming and mining, social interactivity, and open adventure but don’t care for combat, this is the game for you. At the time of this writing you could get the game for $39.99 on cartridge or as a $30.00 download from the Nintendo store.

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