Fix Surface Go Brightness Control

I love my Surface Go, I’ve written multiple articles about it. I also spend more time on the “Go” than I do any of my other computer systems. I rarely leave home without it. The only issue I have with tablet is that the graphics driver occasionally flakes out and looses the ability to control the brightness.

The problem seems to be worse when the system is resumed from sleep and is especially bad if the brightness is set to manual vs. automatic. The control is not completely broken on my unit. If I select a setting say, 75%, it will eventually get brighter but can take up to an hour before it does.

I’ve tried to manually install the generic Intel drivers but Windows Update just replaces them eventually. They didn’t fully work anyway. I’ve also made sure I’m on the latest updates from Microsoft, I have my system in the fast ring even. Still no luck.

I’ve finally found a fix that worked for me. Maybe it will work for you as well. I used the device manager to switch my drivers to the “Microsoft Basic Display Adapter” rebooted and then changed the driver back to the “Intel HD Graphics 615 driver” and rebooted again. Its been several days now and I am able to change my brightness instantly.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Right click on your start button and click Device Manager
  • Right click on the Intel HD Graphics Driver and pick Update Driver from the menu.
    • Update-Driver
  • Click the second option “Browse my computer….”
  • Click the second option again “Let me pick…..”
    • Let-Me-Pick
  • Choose “Microsoft Basic Display Adapter” and click Next
    • Basic Display Adapter
  • Your screen will flicker and you may hear some beeps.
  • Click the close button.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Repeat the process above but select the “Intel HD Graphics 615 driver”
    • Intel_Drivers
  • Reboot again


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