View Microsoft Project Files without Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is the king of planning software. I’ve been using it for more than a decade but my current employer uses a different tool for the job which isn’t a problem on it’s own, I’m flexible.

The issue arises when a client sends me their plan in an mpp file. There is no Project Viewer application anymore. In the recent past this meant I would need to ask my customer to export their project to different format such as Excel or a PDF. Often this resulted in multiple communications, explaing the why and how.

I’ve had some success in finding alternatives for other popular software like Visio and PhotoShop in the Microsoft Store so I decided to try my luck. I installed and removed quite a few apps on my test VM, but eventually I found a suitable solution.

Seavus Project Viewer does exactly what its name implies. Not only will it open Microsoft Project files, but it supports the most popular views.  Gnatt charts, task sheets, and resource are all available. I tested the app with multiple complex Project files and was satisfied with the results.

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