PowerShell: Automate UniFi Controller Software Updates on Windows

The Windows software based controller for your UniFi wireless network is more useful when run as a Windows service. Running the controller as a service allows it to start automatically when your computer reboots, among other things. If you haven’t already configured it to run as a service, see these instructions on the UniFi support […]

A No Spoilers Look at Immortals Fenyx Rising

Many times when a new release is a mashup of other titles the results are abysmal. The ideas they borrow from more popular games are not implemented well and don’t form a cohesive experience. When they switch between the borrowed elements it can feel like you have changed games in the middle of play. Immortals […]

Add Wi-Fi 6 to your UniFi Network

The sixth generation of wireless networking, technically named 802.11ax, has been available for around a year. However, mainstream devices are just now starting to take advantage of the upgraded capabilities. Wi-Fi 6 access points can be difficult to obtain, I was able to order one for my UniFi system straight from the manufacturer’s online store. […]

Mimecast Email Security Firm Compromised

Mimecast, a popular Email Security and Archival platform, posted on its blog Tuesday that a certificate it uses to encrypt traffic between itself and Microsoft was hijacked. Details are sketchy at this point, but the company is estimating approximately ten percent of its more than 36,000 customers use the corrupted connection. The suggested action is […]

Understand Employee Utilization with Microsoft 365 Usage Reports

A question that I am often asked after a Microsoft 365 implementation is, “How do I know what people are doing with it ?” Microsoft’s ever evolving cloud platform has recently added an improved reporting feature that is easy to use and very informative. Logon to the Microsoft 365 admin portal with your global administration […]

Deploy a Linux VM on Hyper-V with Sound 20.04 Edition

In a previous article I explained how to use PulseAudio with XRDP to allow your Ubuntu Hyper-V VM to pass audio through your host machine’s sound system. It has been brought to my attention that the instructions do not work for everyone. I believe most of the people that have issues are choosing the 20.04 […]