The Dark Side of MFA

Have you every met a person who has invested in a four-wheel-drive vehicle and became a poor driver because of it? An acquaintance was taking me for a drive in his new SUV on a snowy day and was driving quite dangerously. “Don’t worry, it’s four-wheel drive”, he told me. I was thinking, “yeah, but […]

How to Extend or Activate a Windows Evaluation Edition

So you have downloaded, installed, and configured an evaluation edition of Windows Server 2019. You’ve installed your software and been cruising along with everything working fine. The decision has been made to keep the machine permanently, so you get procurement to purchase a volume license and figure you’ll activate the server with the new keys […]

A Kickstand for any Phone or Case

I’ve been a big fan of Samsung’s LED Wallet Case for years. I had them for my last three Samsung Galaxy Note phones. They hold a couple of cards and have an LED display on the front that displays various simple lighted icons for notifications, calls, texts, and music. The one thing the case doesn’t […]

Oculus Quest Adds Native Bluetooth Headphones Support

Ever since I first put on my Oculus Quest and jumped into a VR game, I’ve wished that I could pair my noise cancelling earbuds with it. The sound system built into Facebook’s virtual reality goggles sounds pretty good, but it isn’t quite loud enough to fully overcome the amount of ambient noise that it […]

View Microsoft Project Files without Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is the king of planning software. I’ve been using it for more than a decade but my current employer uses a different tool for the job which isn’t a problem on it’s own, I’m flexible. The issue arises when a client sends me their plan in an mpp file. There is no Project […]

Samsung Note’s Synch with OneNote Feature is Here, Sort Of

During the announcement event for the Galaxy Note 20 one of the features I was most interested in was the ability to synchronize Samsung Notes with OneNote. Samsung Notes has the screen off memo function that OneNote can’t match. The problem is, when I’ve used it to jot down something quick that information ends up […]