Six Months in with the Microsoft Surface Go 2

Microsoft’s Surface Go is the computer that I keep on the side table to pick up when inspiration for a new post, or the need to watch a video that is more than a few minutes long occurs. I’m writing this article from my bed on it now. I have multiple systems at my disposal […]

Portal Knights A Great Co-Op Game for Couples

My wife and I are both gamers, but we prefer different genres. She enjoys farming, life simulation, and collecting, with some adventure and task completion tossed in to keep things moving. Some of her favorite games are Animal Crossing, The Sims, Harvest Moon, Zelda, and Skyrim. My tastes tend to fall more on the shooter, […]

PowerShell Hyper-V Cluster VM Status

As an employee of an MSP, I am often tossed into the ring, so to speak. I’ve found that configuring Microsoft’s tools to see all of the virtual machines in a clustered Hyper-V environment consumes too much time in high-pressure situations. Depending on the version of Windows the hosts are running, you may not see […]

Improve Your Password Changing Practices

Back in the day, your network credentials were used to logon to your computer, get to your email server, and maybe to access some files or a printer. When you changed your password, if you changed it at all, it made sense to update it on the two or three systems that used it all […]

Fixed Frequent UniFi Wireless Disconnects

My network is based on Ubiquiti’s Unifi platform. I’m on my second generation of the equipment and have been very satisfied with it overall. Normally it just does its job and disappears into the background. So you can imagine my frustration when multiple devices started randomly flapping. My Oculus Quest would disconnect and reconnect mid-game. […]

Ignite and VMworld Virtual and Free in 2020

IT conferences have always been a mixed bag of experiences for me. Some amount to a giant sales pitch with little value. The good ones cram a year’s worth of training and collaboration into a few days. They are almost always prohibitively expensive to attend when you factor in travel, but this year is different. […]

Install an Advanced Home Network – Part 4 Network Configuration

This series is all about installing an advanced software defined network where a controller ensures that our equipment works together. So far we’ve learned what equipment to purchase, how to make network cables, and how to wire our house. Now we need to configure the modem, network edge device, switches, and wireless access points to […]

Dark Mode for Facebook, Linked In, and most Other Android Apps

I have always been sensitive to light. Ironically, I have spent a large portion of the last thirty years looking at bright white rectangles. Is it bad that I still see them when I close my eyes? I am the person that wears sunglasses indoors. I turn the backlight on all of my screens as […]

Is Your Laptop Plugged In All Day While Working From Home?

When you work in an office you go to meetings, visit clients, go to lunch and commute. Your laptop gets undocked or unplugged and runs on its battery for at least a few of these events. This is the normal cycle that the batteries in your device are designed for. Now many of us are […]