Fix Oculus Rift Washed Out Colors on Nvidia Graphics Card

Earlier today I installed the newest driver update for my Nvidia 2080 Ti. Not long after, I decided it was time to play some Skyrim VR. When I slid the headset down over my face, I was concerned to see that the colors were off. Everything was dull and washed out, like the contrast was […]

Deploy A Linux VM on Hyper-V with Sound

By default you can not pass sound through to your host Windows system’s audio devices from a Linux virtual machine. I struggled finding reliable instructions for getting this to work and ended up using a third party solution called PulseAudio. To get started, you’ll need an Ubuntu VM to work with and we’ll need to […]

Games to Play During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Are you stuck at home with no work, no classes, and no basketball, fretting about the end of the world? The best medicine is to distract yourself. Video Games are my go to escape, below you’ll find some great titles to get lost in. Call of Duty Warzone is the franchise’s latest attempt at a […]

Are Your IT Systems Prepared for The Coronavirus?

As the Covid-19 pandemic becomes more likely to be an issue in the United States, businesses are beginning to form contingency plans. Group gatherings, travel, and even routine meetings are being postponed. Conferences and conventions are being canceled. Companies are fearful of losing the services of large swaths of their workforce and supply chains. One […]

Dell G3 15, The Most Bang for Your Gaming Laptop Buck

This winter, it was time to help my son find a new laptop. He needed a well balanced system that could do most everything well. He’s a student with a focus on technology, he writes code, edits graphics, produces video and music, and spends a lot of time on-line. He’s also an avid gamer that […]

Configure Hyper-V for Remote GUI and Console Management

If you administrate a Hyper-V environment that has been deployed on Windows Core Edition Hosts, or if you’re required to manage multiple Hyper-V clusters remote management will make life easier for you. Configuring the option to use the GUI Hyper-V Manager application installed on your workstation to control remote servers is a straight forward process […]

What You Need to Know to Start 3D Printing

Just a few years ago 3D printers were expensive and required a high level of specialized knowledge to operate. Today, the fantastic machines have gone mainstream. They are both more affordable and easier to use, but there are still a few things you need to know before you jump in. Like every other machine, 3D […]

Instant Pot the Ultimate Cooking Appliance?

My obsession with gadgets and gizmos is not relegated to computers, electronics, and video games. I enjoy engineered devices of all types, including all the weird doodads that people dream up to make cooking less of a chore. Toaster ovens, crock-pots, and air fryers, oh-my; the counters and cabinets in our home are full of […]