Deploy a Linux VM on Hyper-V with Sound 20.04 Edition

In a previous article I explained how to use PulseAudio with XRDP to allow your Ubuntu Hyper-V VM to pass audio through your host machine’s sound system. It has been brought to my attention that the instructions do not work for everyone. I believe most of the people that have issues are choosing the 20.04 […]

The Best Technology of 2020

The year 2020 has been a rough one for so many reasons. Pandemics, economic disasters, political division, and natural disasters have made it one of the darkest years in memory. If there is a silver lining, for me it was all the great technology that made its way to market this year. Before we discuss […]

Edit Code on Your Android Device

Every once in a while I find myself needing to review or edit code on my mobile. It never fails, I’ll be out with my family and the solution to some problem I have been struggling with will pop into my head seemingly from nowhere. The other common scenario I experience is somebody emailing me […]

SolarWinds Orion Monitoring Tool Has Been Compromised

SolarWinds is an Austin Texas based company that makes a lot of tools used by IT departments the world over. Their all-in-one monitoring suite known as Orion has been the victim of a supply chain attack. In what experts are calling a Nation State funded hack, updates to the software over the last several months […]

PowerShell: Find USB Storage Devices

Most Administrators know that you can use a GPO to disable the ability to use USB storage devices on Windows computers. So you look up the instructions and implement the policy, but how do you know if it’s working? I’m sure you made a test OU while you were working out the best option for […]

The Dark Side of MFA

Have you every met a person who has invested in a four-wheel-drive vehicle and became a poor driver because of it? An acquaintance was taking me for a drive in his new SUV on a snowy day and was driving quite dangerously. “Don’t worry, it’s four-wheel drive”, he told me. I was thinking, “yeah, but […]

How to Extend or Activate a Windows Evaluation Edition

So you have downloaded, installed, and configured an evaluation edition of Windows Server 2019. You’ve installed your software and been cruising along with everything working fine. The decision has been made to keep the machine permanently, so you get procurement to purchase a volume license and figure you’ll activate the server with the new keys […]