Skin your Gear

All of our portable devices: laptops, phones, tablets, and game systems are subjected to the bumps and bangs of life when we take them on the go. It’s not the violent drops to the sidewalk that end up defiling my gear. I’m careful and rarely drop equipment.

My stuff always ends up scuffed and scratched from riding around in my laptop bag or being tossed in my desk drawer. For a lot of people the solution is to put their gizmo in a case. I can’t stand cases. Why would I pay a small fortune to get the slimmest, lightweight, super styled gadget and then turn around and stick it in a giant plastic box?

Luckily for people like me there’s a happy medium. Skins are vinyl decals that are cut to perfectly fit your device. They don’t alter the shape or weight but are sturdy enough to ward off most minor dings and scratches.

The sky is the limit when it comes to style. You can get clear skins or have then made out of your own photos. There are countless designs and several quality manufacturers. I like the site is easy to use and the skins are high quality. They have designs for almost every type of gadget. As you can see in the pic below, I’m partial to the blue galaxy design. My son prefers the retro NES look.

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