Life with the Galaxy Note 8;  3 months in and going strong. 

I have been a “Gadget Guy” my entire life. Growing up, my favorite stores were The Sharper Image and CompUSA! As soon as I got my paycheck from whatever part-time job I had,  it would inevitably end up in their registers. I can’t say that much has changed, the days of dropping my whole paycheck on some gizmo are gone but I still manage to stimulate the economy. 

Lots of people seem to choose a type or brand of device and then stick with that choice. I’m not one of them, I like Windows, MACs, Linux, and Chromebooks equally. I enjoy switching between Androids, iPhones, and even Blackberry. I think my openess to all technology allows me to give my readers a more balanced opinion of all this stuff. Keep this in mind when reading the following paragraphs.

The Note 8 is the best overall piece of tech gear that I have owned period. In a word it is amazing. The engineers that created it deserve nobel prizes. The S-Pen pushes this devices productivity out of the competition’s reach. I am sitting on my couch chatting with my wife, my dog is napping on my lap and I am writing this article. I also just emailed my boss, ordered my son’s Christmas present and did the little doodle below. 

Some where in there I also wished an important person happy birthday on their FB timeline in a pretty unique way. It only took a few seconds to make and post this GIF.

The phone would be fantastic without the pen. It is fast, intuitive, and just the right size. I’ve had mine since launch day and the more I use it, the more infatuated I become. It’s not just the big stuff like the screen and the fast CPU . The little things are impressive too; when using handwriting mode it plays the sound of a pencil dragging across paper. The flashlight mode has adjustable brightness levels. It automatically cleans up old temp files and warns you when an app is draining your battery. 

I’ve been succesful in replacing my laptop with it for on-call type work. I just installed Microsoft Office, Juice for SSH and Telnet, Microsoft’s RDP app, Skype for Business, Web Ex, and Anyconnect. Wallah, no more lugging around a backpack to run errands or go out on the weekends. I just need my phone and RSA token. Last night I fixed an email problem in Hyderabad, India while I was waiting for a diner table at the local steakhouse with my family. The freedom it affords me is easily worth the price. 

I’ll be ordering the Dex dock for my phone soon. This piece of kit turns the Note into a desktop replacement. In the near future it will support full blown Linux while running in the dock. Full Linux on the Note 8 demo video. Watch for my review of this feature soon. 

I normally get bored with new tech gear and am ready for the next thing in less than a month. I can honestly say that isn’t the case with the Note 8. I look forward to having this in my pocket for a long time. 


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