Things to do with your Surface Go’

So you’re the proud owner of a shiny new Surface Go, now what? Besides checking your email and surfing the web, what else can you do with the little powerhouse? Of course, you can install the ubiquitous PC applications, MS Office, Photoshop, and what have you. This article is more about doing things you may not know about or considered.

Have you ever wished there was a font that matched your handwriting? Mine is atrocious, I’m always surprised that a computer can read it. My spouse’s on the other hand, is quite elegant. If you write nicely like she does, Microsoft has just the app for you. Download the Microsoft Font maker from the Microsoft store and with a few simple steps your handwritings will be digitized and turned into a font that you can use anywhere.


It’s time to unleash your inner artist. The Surface pen is one of the most sophisticated digital marking instruments you can purchase. It works incredibly well on this tablet. I have several digital art systems, but the Surface Go is my current favorite. It’s light weight, responsiveness, and accuracy are ideal for drawing and painting anywhere. There are a plethora of different artistic apps in the store. If you’re just starting out I recommend Sketchbook. It’s a good balance of power and ease of use.


It seems like every time that I sit down to get my game on, one of my family members wants to watch a movie or something on the home entertainment system. You can use your Surface to play your Steam, Xbox, or Playstation games through their respective streaming services. For Playstation or Xbox games you’ll need to pair a Bluetooth controller. The Xbox app is pre-installed, open it and click the icon on the right hand menu that looks like an Xbox. Follow the prompts to get the service running. If you have a Playstation, download the Remote Play app and follow the on-screen instructions. To stream Steam games from your gaming rig, just install the Steam client app on your Surface and login with the same account. Select a game in your library and pick stream.


Most of the whiteboards in my office are old crusty things with the shadows of meetings past bleeding through. Skip the dying markers and eraser arm, use Microsoft’s Whiteboard app instead. Download it from the store and you’ll be collaborating in no time. Features like ink to shapes and ink to tables, help ensure that your art skills don’t derail your ideas. The “invite people” option works when you’re all in the same room or in different countries.


Hopefully I’ve given you some ideas to think about. The device’s diminutive size and power make it an excellent tool for data consumption and productivity. The Microsoft Store is full of applications that are useful, but don’t forget that if you convert from S mode, all windows software becomes available.

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