Getting started with Zoomnotes. Custom Digital Planners, Infinite Whiteboards, PDF Markup and More.

The new magic of digital notes is the ability to scale up or down to your heart’s content without loosing visual acuity. Microsoft’s OneNote has always been able to achieve this feat but lacks some of the creative features bullet journal users covet. Enter Zoomnotes, an iOS application from Deliverance Software Ltd.

Zoomnotes has the creativity features of Goodnotes with some of the business features you would find in OneNote. Zoomnotes will allow you to use the many PDF planner templates found on Etsy and Pinterest but also offers built-in templates and functionality for more traditional note taking. For example, there’s a wizard that will allow you to build a custom linked view calendar with all your personal preferences.

The software’s infinite whiteboard allows you to write forever without creating a new page or section. By comparison, in OneNote when you fill a page you have to use the add space button on the tool bar to continually expand the note. With Zoomnotes you only need to zoom out with your fingers.

Goodnotes is not able to use custom fonts. This is more than a little annoying. Thankfully Zoomnotes supports any font that you can install on your iPad. This means that digital planner templates look the way the artist intended and everything fits in the designated pages.

Some of the other features you’ll find in Zoomnotes that are missing from other iOS note apps are: Table support, custom color palettes, color matching tool, custom links, and layers.

Lasso any object on the screen; images, handwriting, pictures you’ve inserted, etc. and with a couple of clicks you can add them to your sticker library to make the item easier to re-use. This feature alone is worth the $8.00 purchase price.


Zoomnotes is one of the most Powerful note taking applications available on iOS. I suggest that you visit their web site and then download the free version to try it out. I’m still a OneNote fan because I need my notes to work across all devices but if Zoomnotes ever adds PC and Android support I would consider switching.

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