Fix Microsoft Word Missing Mobile View on Galaxy Note

I’ve been an avid mobile writer for quite some time. I’m writing this post with my S-Pen on my new Note. A problem that I first experienced on my Galaxy Note 8, followed me to my new device. The mobile edition of Microsoft Word has a layout called “Mobile View” that reflows the document you are working with to be easily readable on a phone.

Without the mobile view, it is nearly impossible to read or edit Word files on a phone. Starting with my Note 8, the button that turns mobile view on or off would randomly disappear. I searched Google and read countless posts that never helped. I reinstalled the app, reset my phone and everything in between.

I was disappointed that even a new device didn’t solve the problem. I was also more determined then ever to resolve the issue. After a lot of troubleshooting I have found the problem.

It’s being caused by the Note’s impossibly high screen resolution. Word Mobile assumes that tablet devices don’t need the mobile view feature. It makes the device type determination by the display’s resolution on launch.

If your display is running higher than 1080 when you open Word, the full ribbon is displayed and it doesn’t have the mobile view button.

Close Word. Go to Settings -> Display -> Screen Resolution and choose 1080P or lower.

Then open Word and the mobile ribbon will be displayed along with the all important button. After Word has opened you can raise the resolution and retain the mobile view until Word is closed.

Finally! My frustration with Word Mobile is over.

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