Finally! iPad Gets True Handwriting Recognition

If you have been reading my blog for very long, then you will know that my biggest gripe with the iPad is it’s lack of handwriting recognition. Why on earth would Apple have invested so much into the design of the glorious Apple Pencil and leave out the thing it would be most useful for? Where is my dog supposed to sit while I write if I have to put a keyboard in may lap?

I use the handwriting recognition on my Surface and Galaxy Note every day. The iPad’s lack of what should be a basic function has kept me from even considering a purchase. My wife, on the other hand, has been happy to forgo handwriting and been satisfied with trying to type on a touch screen. Good thing, it means we always have a late model iPad in the house.

She excitedly woke me up this morning, “Honey, look what I found!” Then she opened iMessage, changed her keyboard, and used her Apple Pencil to hand-write me a text! “Woah,” I said. “They finally did it?”

It turns out not exactly, but close enough. Apple had nothing to do with this particular piece of magic. An app named Selvy PenScript adds a handwriting recognition keyboard to your iOS device. I’ve spent the last couple of hours putting pen to screen and I’m impressed.

It isn’t quite as accurate as Microsoft’s version and there’s no floating option, but it gets the job done. It has one feature that I really like that Microsoft and Samsung don’t. You can change the color of the ink. Other than that , it’s a no nonsense handwriting tool. Now that it exists, I may even consider an iPad the next time I upgrade my tablet.

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