Games to Play During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Are you stuck at home with no work, no classes, and no basketball, fretting about the end of the world? The best medicine is to distract yourself. Video Games are my go to escape, below you’ll find some great titles to get lost in.

Call of Duty Warzone is the franchise’s latest attempt at a battle royal style shooter. It launched a few days ago on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC for free. When you get taken out, you are placed into a one-on-one battle, the winner is returned to the main fight. With one-hundred and fifty cross-platform players in a match, the action is intense. The shooting is classic COD Modern Warfare, whether you play with a keyboard and mouse, or a controller, the action is satisfyingly precise.

If you have a Nintendo Switch, Link’s Awakening is a fantastic remake of a classic adventure. Remade in a unique 3D top-down graphical style, the whimsical world, bright cheery colors, and cute characters will make you smile. Puzzles and enemies are challenging at times and will force you to focus. You’ll soon forget all about how much toilet paper is left in your cupboard.

Destiny 2 is available on the Xbox and PlayStation, but it really shines on the PC. The graphics are stunning and the game world is expansive. The free to play edition will keep you busy annihilating various alien races while you zoom around the solar system with your buddies. The game has the perfect mix of player versus player and player versus environment activities. Tweak your character to get the right look and balance your powers, go on epic adventures to find the perfect weapons, then dominate your peers in the crucible. Season 10 has just begun, so there are plenty of people playing to keep you from feeling socially isolated.

Are you missing sports? FIFA, NBA2K, Madden NFL, NASCAR, and The Show are some of the franchises that may help scratch your itch. They run on almost every platform and many include “Watch” modes that let you pick the teams and the stadium and then let the games unfold their own. I once visited a bar where the patrons where watching a soccer game that turned out to be FIFA. Based on the cheering, I’m not sure that everybody in the place realized they were watching a computer game. That’s how far the sports genre has come in the last couple of years.

If playing isn’t your thing watch the action instead. Mixer, Twitch, Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation streaming services are packed with people playing and talking about almost every game you’ve every heard of. Don’t sit home eating lonely stew. Get on-line and enjoy the same things you always have in the digital world.

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