Is Your Laptop Plugged In All Day While Working From Home?

When you work in an office you go to meetings, visit clients, go to lunch and commute. Your laptop gets undocked or unplugged and runs on its battery for at least a few of these events. This is the normal cycle that the batteries in your device are designed for.

Now many of us are working from home and leaving our laptops connected to power all of the time. Don’t worry the batteries won’t overcharge, but their useful lifespan can be shortened. The modern lithium battery in your device degrades a little each time that it is charged to its maximum voltage. When you run off a power cord all day you are continually reaching the 100% mark.

So what should you do? If your computer has a removable battery, take it out and put it in your bag. Your machine will run fine without it, but you will want to connect and charge it once a week. Completely discharged batteries can brick. If your battery isn’t removable there may be a software option that prevents a continual full voltage charge cycle.

On Dell systems look in the Command app. Lenovo’s Vantage app control’s their battery threshold. The Microsoft Surface line has an option in the boot config section of its UEFI. Hold down the volume up and power keys, let go of the power button when you see the Window Flag. HP laptops are usually controlled from their BIOS, accessing it is a different process throughout their product lines. Newer MacBooks have the option enabled by default.

Search the web or call your tech support if you don’t know how to change the setting on your particular device. If all else fails, just un-plug and run on your battery once in a while.

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