PowerShell Hyper-V Cluster VM Status

As an employee of an MSP, I am often tossed into the ring, so to speak. I’ve found that configuring Microsoft’s tools to see all of the virtual machines in a clustered Hyper-V environment consumes too much time in high-pressure situations. Depending on the version of Windows the hosts are running, you may not see the information you’re after, even when you take the time to set them up.

To save time and see the info most admins need I’ve come up with the simple script below. Run it from one of the clustered hosts and it will pop up a sortable, searchable, grid view for each host in the cluster. You will see the name, number of CPUs, assigned memory, IP addresses, on / off status, and uptime for each of the host’s VMs at a glance. Each pop-up table will be named for the host it represents.

$HyperVClusterNodes = Get-ClusterNode|Select Name -ExpandProperty Name
Foreach ($Node in $HyperVClusterNodes){
    Get-VM -ComputerName $Node|Get-VM -ComputerName $Node|Select Name,State,ProcessorCount,CPUUsage,@{Name="MemoryAssigned(MB)"; Expression={$_.MemoryAssigned/1MB}},@{Name="IPAddresses"; Expression={$_.NetworkAdapters.IPAddresses}},Uptime,Status|Out-GridView -Title "$Node"}

About Kevin Trent

IT professional with almost 30 years of experience in Infrastructure, Architecting, Administration, Development, and Communications.

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