Oculus Quest Adds Native Bluetooth Headphones Support

Ever since I first put on my Oculus Quest and jumped into a VR game, I’ve wished that I could pair my noise cancelling earbuds with it. The sound system built into Facebook’s virtual reality goggles sounds pretty good, but it isn’t quite loud enough to fully overcome the amount of ambient noise that it lets through. Facebook included audio jacks on the Quest and Quest 2 and it does solve the problem, but who wants to plug cables into their fancy wireless headset?

A few days ago we wondered what would happen if we tried to pair my son’s Air Pod Pros to his Quest. To our surprise they paired up and worked perfectly, even the microphone was supported. What’s more, is that they sounded fantastic. There is a slight lag that is worse if you are streaming a game from your PC.

To be sure we hadn’t experienced some type of fluke, I grabbed my Quest 2 and paired my MPOW X3 earphones to it. Again, they paired up without issue and worked perfectly. I went on to try several other Bluetooth headsets that I had lying about. All but one worked and those wouldn’t pair to my phone either.

Both of our Quests are running OS version 21 and are in development mode, but I don’t think it is required. To pair your earphones just go to Settings and then to Experimental Features to access the Bluetooth pairing option.


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