Facebook has Enabled Ninety Frames Per Second on the Oculus Quest 2!

As of firmware version 23, the Oculus Quest 2 supports 90 FPS both in Quest games and desktop VR games via the Oculus Link cable. This is a major upgrade for Quest 2 owners and for those thinking of jumping in the VR pool. In my opinion, the new option raises the Quest 2 to being the best VR headset you can buy.

Ninety frames per second is the sweet spot for lessening the motion sickness that people experience while piloting virtual reality vehicles. Games that involve driving, flying, roller coasters, and even riding horses are notorious for causing queasy reactions if you turn your head to look around the environment.

Your computer will require a powerful GPU to play desktop VR games at 90 FPS. To achieve virtual reality, your system is displaying a copy of every frame in each eye at a resolution of 1440×1600. If your system cannot hit 90 FPS while playing regular games in 4K, you may be disappointed with the results of the new setting.

To enable the setting, make sure your Quest 2 has the newest firmware installed and then connect your Link cable and open the Oculus Desktop app. In the menu on the left select Devices, then click on your Quest 2.

In the menu that opens, select Graphics Preferences.

Click the bottom radio button and then click the Ok button to save and restart the Oculus application.

The setting will be applied to any game you launch from the Oculus desktop application. Steam VR will also automatically pick up the setting. Currently there are only a limited number of Quest store games that support the faster frame rate, those that do will automatically engage the option.

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