A Kickstand for any Phone or Case

I’ve been a big fan of Samsung’s LED Wallet Case for years. I had them for my last three Samsung Galaxy Note phones. They hold a couple of cards and have an LED display on the front that displays various simple lighted icons for notifications, calls, texts, and music. The one thing the case doesn’t do is hold my phone up when I want to watch a video.

The missing kickstand bothers me so much that it has driven me to try other phone cases multiple times. Somehow I always end up back in the Samsung. There’s just something about the way it feels and fits both the phone and my pocket that the others don’t quite match.

A couple of years ago I started down a different path. Adding something to the Samsung Wallet that would keep it propped up seemed like an easy solution. This journey has taken far longer than I ever imagined. Rings, pop-sockets, fold-out card contraptions, and even 3D printed gizmos, I’ve tried them all to no avail. Granted, a big part of the reason they don’t work is due to the size of the Galaxy Note. When you attach a ring or pop-socket in the middle, the angle is to shallow when you change to kickstand mode.

I had all but decided that I would forever be searching for something to prop my phone against when I ran across the Spigen U100 Universal Kickstand. This wonderful little gadget is a stick-on, metal, spring-assisted kickstand that adheres to your phone or case with 3M tape. It solves the angle issue because it is much longer than a ring or socket.

The kickstand folds pretty flat, I don’t notice it when the phone is in my pocket. I have it stuck to the bottom third of my phone case so it isn’t in the way when my phone is in my hand or while it sits on my wireless charger. The same strip of 3M tape has kept this thing stuck firm on two different cases for more than a year. Taking it off my last Samsung Wallet did leave a mark that I had to clean off with a magic eraser. It ships with an extra piece of the tape if you have a different experience.

It holds my phone steady at the perfect angle. I found the Spigen for $10.99 on Amazon. I especially like that it is available in a few different finishes. It was easy to match the style of my case. Spigen also makes several other models of kickstands, rings, and sockets.

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