Samsung Note’s Synch with OneNote Feature is Here, Now More Functional

In a previous article I wrote about the first phase of being able to synchronize the Samsung notes from your phone with OneNote. It worked, but was a little clunky, mostly because you could only view the items in Outlook Web Access.

I’m happy to report the synchronized notes feed is now viewable in the Windows 10 OneNote app. To get started update the apps on your phone and Windows system. Open the Samsung Galaxy Store, tap the hamburger menu button then tap updates and install them all.

On your Windows machine, open the Microsoft Store app. Click the three dots menu in the upper right, then click downloads and updates. Click the “Get Updates” button and install them all. Depending on your update settings you may need to do this multiple times to get them all.

Configure the Samsung Notes app on your mobile device. Open it and hit the options icon. You should see “Sync to Microsoft OneNote Beta”, toggle it on and sign in with the Microsoft Account you want to share notes with. You’ll also need to select the folders who’s notes you want to sync. I recommend tapping the sync now button just for good measure.

Now open the OneNote app on your Windows computer and select the “Open Feed” button on the right side of the tool bar. Depending on your security settings, you may be prompted to sign in. Use the same Microsoft account that you set up in the Samsung Notes app. If you don’t see your Samsung notes, click the down arrow next to the filter symbol and select “All-Notes” or “Samsung Notes”.

Click a note to see the entire entry. You will also be able to copy the item to your clipboard. The synchronization of Samsung notes is one-way. When you copy them to your clipboard they paste as an image. I noticed some trouble with the copy / paste function when holding my Windows tablet in portrait mode. This isn’t what I would consider to be true synchronization, but it is serviceable and a step in the right direction. At least we can see the Samsung notes in OneNote now.


  1. Any idea when I go to “OPEN FEED”, select my account (two shown), and enter my finger scan it says: “Something went wrong. Please try again later. 0x80049dbe Send Feedback”. Feb 2021, I don’t think it it beta anymore.


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