Fix Nvidia RTX 30 Series HDMI HD Audio Drop Out

I’ve written several articles about my recent foray into laptop gaming. I purchased an ASUS TUF gaming laptop, Logitech Keyboard and Mouse, and Logitech Headphones to use with my big screen in the living room. Everything has been working well until a week or so ago.

I noticed that when my laptop was connected to my home theatre system via the HDMI port, audio would drop out for 1 or 2 seconds every minute or so. It happened in games, movies, YouTube, and everything else. It was slowly driving me insane.

I tried every possible setting and trick I knew of to fix it. I swapped out cables and changed the Nvidia HD Audio driver to the standard Windows driver, I adjusted from various versions of surround sound to stereo. I even switched to the TV’s internal speakers. Nothing worked. I strongly suspected it was a driver problem because my headset and laptop speakers worked fine. The issue only occurred when using the HDMI port but video through it was great.

Today I installed the previous Nvidia driver package (466.27) and the problem is fixed. Once I corrected the problem and understood the cause, I was able to find a thread on Nvidia’s forum where other people are having the same issue with the 466.47 driver. That forum is at Stuttering sound driver 466.47 | NVIDIA GeForce Forums. You can download the 466.27 version of Nvidia’s driver from NVIDIA DRIVERS GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL, just run the file and it will remove the new version automatically.

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