Master All Streaming Services with a Single App on All Screens

We all knew that à la carte streaming was going to end up as a hot mess. After Disney proved people would pay another fee for specific content, it was game-on for everyone. Cord-cutters would need multiple subscriptions to watch their favorite shows.

I searched online for a universal streaming guide and discovered a new service called Justwatch.  Justwatch is a free service / app if you don’t mind banner ads. It is $2.49 per month for the “Pro” version without them.

You install their app on all of your screens. Samsung, Apple, Android, Google, LG, Amazon/FireTV, Windows, they all have it in their app store. Sign in with your Justwatch account and add the streaming services you subscribe to, by picking them from the list.

Search for the shows you watch and add them to your watchlist. Tell the app which episode you are on. That’s it. Open the app on whatever device and go to your Watchlist, click the show you feel like watching and Justwatch will magic it open in the correct streaming app. 

The Watchlist tracks and opens all of your content across your subscriptions

Search for any show or movie and see which of your services it is available on, or see the best price to get access. The software also makes reccomendactions, shows new and popular content, and includes ratings info.

Finding specific content is a simple search

We’ve been using Justwatch for about a week. So far, it has been very useful. The interface is simple. Linking up all your TVs, Tablets, PCs, Phones, and Consoles to use the same content guide is a cord-cutting game changer.


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