Fix Azure AD Join Invalid Client Error

Recently I encountered an error while trying to join a brand-new laptop to an Azure AD domain. Generally, the process is straight forward. Open Settings, go to Accounts, Add A Work or School account and choose the option to Join this Computer to Azure Active Directory.

The error (screenshot below) was “Invalid_Client” which made no sense. How could a Windows Pro laptop be an invalid client for Azure AD? Why was the error mentioning MDM? We didn’t enable MDM. After some research and testing, the problem was traced down to the Intune MDM registration URLs being populated.

The clue that points to the cause is the top paragraph in the error message rather than the error itself.

I am still not sure how the registration URLs became activated. It is possible that another administrator enabled the feature, but I suspect it was done by Microsoft. Probably the result of some mass action script that hit some customers it was not supposed to. The Endpoint Manager and Intune blades aren’t visible in your admin center if you haven’t subscribed to Intune, which makes discovering this setting more difficult.

Login to your Azure AD portal and go to this URL: select Intune from the menu. Then set both control options to None and click Save. You’ll need to wait 15 – 30 minutes for the change to take effect after which you should be able to join systems to your Azure Active Directory again.

These URLS work like Exchange Autodiscover and allow new systems to enroll in MDM automatically.

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