Galaxy Note 8 Tips and Tricks; Air Command Shortcuts

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is the most productive portable device I’ve ever used right out of the box, but you haven’t seen anything until you spend some time customising it. 

Samsung gets a lot of grief for pre-installing their software on all of the phones they make, but I find several of the apps very useful. One example; Air Command, is a mini launcher that activates when you remove the S-Pen from it’s slot.

By default when you tap its icon with the stylus you’re presented with a wheel of pen related applications. S-note, Smart select, and several others are pre-populated. What you may not realize is that the list can be customised to display shortcuts to any 10 apps you like. I use Onenote instead of S-note so I swapped the icons in the launcher. The short clip below will show you how.

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