Patchageddon; Microsoft issued a patch to disable Intel’s patch!

If you listen to the silicon valley hipsters and their PR armies; AI is going to be taking over the world soon. Right after they figure out how to stop relativey simple injection techniques from powning every CPU on the planet. I’m sure in their minds, they truly believe that if they can just beat this one last hack everything will be fine.

Humans have an inate ability to destroy what they make. Watch any child with a pile of blocks and you will inevitably witness the joy that comes from wrecking their own creations. I think a certain segment of our technical society revels in being the wrecking ball.

AI will have a difficult time making useful headway into our lives as long as the balls are flying and knocking down all of the blocks. These types of technical disruptions have been part of the computing landscape since the beginning and show no signs of slowing. If anything they are gaining in frequency and ferocity. As people, communities, and nations become more wary of AI; the headwinds it faces will blow stronger.

In the latest round of you build it I’ll break it, Microsoft has released an emergency out-of-band patch that disables Intel’s spectre variant 2 patch. Microsoft believes the patch is ineffective, causing corruption and unwanted reboots, and that this variant has not been seen in the wild. Read KB4078130 for the details and the patch.

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