Traveling without a laptop for the first time in 15 years! Thanks to my Samsung Note 8.

I have been employed by the tech sector for my entire working life. Somehow I always wind up in positions that demand on-call service. As a result, I rarely leave my home or office without a laptop and it’s accessories in tow. I have never been on vacation or a business trip without one.

I’ve tried every Palmpilot, Pocket PC, Windows CE, Psion, tablet, and mobile ever made in an attempt to free myself from “The Bag”. Sometimes I feel like Lydia from Skrim ” … sworn to carry your burden”. Until now, the mobile devices always fell short for me to use them as anything other than companions. They lacked power, storage, input options, apps, something was always missing.

I’ve had my Note 8 since launch day and have been locally venturing away from base without “The Bag” for a while now. My company has a VDI infrastructure that I can easily connect to with my Note. The hover mode afforded by the S-Pen acts as a wireless mouse and the awesome handwriting recognition handles my input needs with ease. Openvpn on my home network means I can RDP to any of my personal equipment as well. The Google play store is fully fleshed out with engineering and development utilities along with any productivity software that you might require.

The Note 8 has one more brilliant trick up its sleeve that has allowed me to end up on this flight to San Antonio with nothing in the overhead bin but my jacket. The Dex dock in my luggage means I have access to a full PC experience should it be required on my journey. I only need to hook the dock to the hotel TV (HDMI) and connect my portable keyboard / touchpad to one of the USB ports and I’ll be in business. Many of my apps like Word, Excel, and Outlook will run in fullscreen or windows in Dex mode and if I need more power I only have to logon to the VPN and connect to my VDI or RDP to the system that needs attention.

The Dex dock also increases my entertainment options by letting me stream fullscreen video, browse the web, and even play games. Not all applications work with it but more than enough to get by do.

So I sit here on the plane writing this post and try to suppress a chuckle as my seat neighbor tries in vain to get his laptop to fit on the tray-table in a manner that allows him to comfortably type. All the while, reflecting on what a different experience airport security is without “The Bag”. OMG, I never knew how easy it could be!

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