Knock, Knock, Anybody Home?

True story. While my family and I were in the car on our way down to the Branson area we got a notification from our Ring doorbell. When my wife pulled it up, we watched a guy wait until nobody answered and then walk out to his unmarked truck and grab a ladder. He headed up our drive way and around the side of our house past where the camera could see.

I logged on to our home security bot and piloted it around the interior of our home to be sure nothing was disturbed. The locks and windows were fine and no one had come inside. I parked the drone in the hall where it could see anyone entering from the stairs, back door, or the hall from the bedrooms, and turned on its motion detector with auto-capture and alerts.

The guy was probably just trying to sell a roofing service or something, but what if he hadn’t been? I feel like I would have at least caught him on video and possibly could’ve scared him away by threatening to call the police over the two-way audio on both the Ring and the security drone. Both devices upload to the cloud so even if he had taken them, I would still have had the evidence.

If you’d like to know more about the technology I used to see what was going on at my house when we were out of town, I’ve written about all of this stuff and a lot more in the “Gear I Own” section.

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