Simplified note taking with Plumbago

I spend hours working in Microsoft OneNote everyday.  It’s my go to tool for planning, documentation, and notes. I’ve been using it since the beginning and have evangelized its benefits far and wide. If OneNote has a weakness (not saying it does LOL) it probably lies in being too complicated for some jobs.

Enter Plumbago, from the Microsoft garage. Rather than act as a full digital note solution, Plumbago aims to replicate the paper notebook experience. Removing many of the complications you find in OneNote or Evernote makes the app much easier to use. There is a very small learning curve. A short video that plays the first time you open the program explains everything that you need to know.

Basically, you create a new notebook for each category of notes or sketches that you need. Each time that you make a notebook you can choose the type of pages that it will contain. Ruled, graphed, music, and more templates are available.


Input options are controlled via a simple wheel selector. Pick your tool, color, and stroke size with a few taps and start drawing or writing. The wheel remembers your previous choice for each tool. The sparse tool bar will let you insert pictures, see all of the pages in your notebook, or switch between draw and navigation modes. You can also export your pages to a PNG or PDF for easy sharing.

That’s all there is to it folks, which is the point of the application Keep it simple. If OneNote or Evernote seem overly complicated for your needs give Plumbago a try.

Notebook page

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