Kansas City Comicon 2019 the 20th Anniversary

Being that I’ve never been to a Comicon, I’m not quite sure what to expect as I stand in line with my family on a snowy spring morning. While we’re on the subject of firsts, I’ve also never tried live blogging. Why not kill two birds with one stone?

20190330_123552 (2)
Giant Dragon, check. 

Rather than having an experience and writing about it later, I’m scripting this post in real-time. The Galaxy Note with its S-Pen is the perfect tool for this job. Snapping photos and writing while walking around a crowded convention center is more challenging than I expected. I find myself using my children as meat shields.

This place is busy. I’m told by several of the patrons and vendors that this is the most people they’ve ever seen at the Kansas City event. I’m surprised at the ratio of those in costume to those that aren’t. I’d estimate that at least a third of the crowd is at least partially dressed as some type of character. Oh look, I almost ran into Ron Burgandy.

People watcher’s paradise.

I’ve only been wondering around for a little over an hour and have literally run into every pop-culture character that I can think of. From Star Wars to Spaceballs and Princess Peach to Overwatch’s Diva, the cosplayers are awesome. The level of detail that some of these costumes exhibit is jaw dropping. I can’t imagine how many hours of labor goes into making them.

There are booths of every type, acres of them. Comics, toys, games, cards, custom art, collectibles, clothes, and more are all available. The glass blower (FireChild) has some great custom pieces and if you’re missing a mini-fig for one of your Lego builds, I’m pretty sure that I just found it.

Mini-Figs for Miles

There are an impressive number of artists on-hand. Sculpters, drawings, paintings, and photography are every where you look. Both of my kids added custom pieces to their collections.

If you’re a fan of pop-culture in general and looking for something to do in the KC area, I highly recommend the Kansas City Comicon. We’ve had a great time. I’m tired, hungry, and done with crowds, so it is time to head home. My step counter says I did 3.6 miles and my back and knees agree. I’m sure we’ll be back next year, its been a good family outing.


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