The Best 3rd Generation (2018) iPad Pro Case

A while back, I got my wife a twelve inch iPad Pro. She adores it. I have a difficult time writing about it because she rarely leaves it where I can get my hands on it.

I could go on and on about the machine’s positive attributes. It is unbelievably thin and lite weight. The battery lasts seemingly forever. In fact, the iPad’s biggest flaw only becomes evident when somebody pulls out a Microsoft Surface Pro next to you.

The Surface Pro’s kickstand creates instant feelings of jealousy for anyone that has spent much time drawing or writing on the iPad. It allows for the perfect angle in any situation. Why didn’t Apple include such a glorious feature on their premiere device?

Maxjoy’s iPAD pro case adds the infinitely adjustable kickstand that you’ve been missing. It hold the tablet in any angle you choose and is not dependant on slots, gears, or other clunky mechanisms to do so.


In addition the case offers corner protection, an optional screen cover, and a place for your iPad pencil to live. The case is thick enough to be protective but not bulky. I like that that cover can be removed when not needed or folded back under the kickstand to keep it from digging into your legs while typing or drawing on the screen.


It comes in multiple colors and sizes for the 11″ or 12.9″ 3rd Gen iPad Pro. We got ours on Amazon. If you’ve been looking for a great case for your iPad Pro, I highly recommend this one. Especially for the 12.9″ model, there aren’t very many choices out there for the larger tablet.


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