One Week In with the Nintendo Switch Lite; A Great Second System

Somebody please tell me why they didn’t call it the Lite Switch. It seems like such a lost opportunity. I’ve had my Switch Lite since launch day. It is smaller, lighter, and tougher than the original. It’s controllers do not detach and it cannot hook up to an external display in any way.

Why would I get one when I already own a Switch? I carry my console everyday. My bag is pretty full of gear these days, so saving space and weight is a big plus for me. If you don’t need your original, you can almost break even by trading it for a Lite at Vintage Stock or Gamestop. My spouse took this route, she only plays in handheld mode.

Personally, I purchased the Lite with the intent of keeping it in my bag and leaving the original system at home. If you plan to do the same, review Nintendo’s documentation on linking multiple systems to a single account. There are specific requirements and limitations that may change your mind. You will need a Nintendo On-line subscription.

Essentially, you will want to make the Switch-Lite your primary device to ensure that it will work anywhere. Your original switch will be a secondary device linked to your account and will only allow downloaded content to play when there is an Internet connection available.

I’ve played games on my Switch Lite while out and about and then resumed playing on my original, hooked up to the TV, without issue. The only catch is that you need to exit the game on the Lite so that its saved games will upload to the cloud. There’s a slight delay before the cloud saves download to your secondary device but you can speed it up by going into the Data Management menu.

If you’re going on vacation or need your original unit to travel with you for some reason, chaining which unit is primary is easy. Open the eShop app, click on your avatar in the upper right hand corner and scroll down, you’ll see a deregister device button. Click it, then which ever device you sign in with first will be registered as the primary.

The Switch Lite is more comfortable to play on than the original is in handheld mode. The reduction in weight and the location of the thumb sticks reduces fatigue on my wrists and fingers. The case’s texture makes the device less likely to slip. With the controls being part of the chassis, the Lite feels sturdier than having the Joycons attached to the original did.

Overall I am very happy with the Switch Lite. It is an improvement in portability without compromising the performance of the games. Deciding between the two will be a tough choice for new players.

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