The Techbloggingfool Nice Gift List

Tis the time of year when all mankind comes together to bring the world peace and happiness, through discount shopping. There’s a lot of technology out in the world today. Some of it is nice and some is naughty. Here’s our list of tech items you probably know about but may not have yet.

4K TV’s time has come. We have crossed the point where not having one means you are missing out. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, YouTube, many gaming consoles, and computers can all take advantage of the format. My cable provider even broadcast’s some sporting events and shows in 4K. If you’ve been holding out for the ideal moment to upgrade, this is it. 65 inch 4K screens are available from multiple vendors for less than $500.00 and smaller screens are under $200.00.

True wireless earbuds are a godsend for office and blue collar workers everywhere. If you wear headphones to stay focused and block out the world, then you have probably run into these situations: drug your phone off something, gotten a headache from the headband, been mistaken for princess Leia in a video chat, been cord yanked, or gone to a meeting with headphone hair. Personally I like the true-wireless buds that feature active noise cancelling, but no matter your flavor they are all at the lowest prices we’ve seen.

Remote start for your vehicle is an easy add-on. Best-Buy will install it into any automobile for less than $300.00. If you’re more a of a do-it-yourself type of person, you can find kits on Amazon. Most are under $200.00 and the one I put on my truck took less than an hour to install. It required no tools, or skills, of any kind, I just had to plug-in a few wires. Scraping snow and ice off your windshield and freezing to death for the first twenty minutes of your commute is so passe’.

I can’t say enough about video doorbells. They are so useful in so many situations that they should be standard equipment on all homes. The ability to see who is at your door no matter where you are is a game changer. They improve security and more importantly let you chase off solicitors without getting off the couch. All of the major brands are available in easy self-install kits that require very little expertise. Follow the video instructions and you’ll have yours installed in no-time.

Smart thermostats save money, keep your home a more consistent temperature, and they look cool. They are available in easy to install kits that require basic home improvement skills. If you can use a screw driver and understand how sheet-rock anchors work, installing one will be a cinch.

In addition to devices, there are some subscription services that can make great gifts for people. Of course you know about Netflix, Amazon, and the new Disney Plus. Have you heard of the Xbox game pass? It gives you access to an ever increasing library of games (more than 300) on the Xbox and PC (Ultimate Pass). There’s an exploit for their $1.00 per month introductory price that will let you purchase up to three years worth of the service at the discounted rate.

Mesh wireless networks have been available for quite a while but until recently they required professional installation. Now major manufacturers have engineered solutions that you can setup with an app on your smartphone. If you can connect your phone to a new WiFi network, you can install equipment that will drench your property in full strength signal happiness. Many of the networks are smart and will automatically load balance your devices to keep them all running at full speed.

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