Paper and Digital Planners Meet with Artful Agenda

Many of my co-workers, friends, and family continue to use paper planners and post it notes, for impromptu meetings and interactions. They tend to use Outlook or Gmail only for items that were derived via email. When I ask why, I get variations of “paper is easier”, and “paper looks nicer”. Which I agree with. However, there’s no searching paper, you can’t back paper up, and there’s no sharing.

Artful Agenda strives to combine the best of both worlds. Connect it to your Google, Microsoft, or iCloud calendar and use its paper like layout and whimsical forms to manage your appointments.

The data you enter is saved to your cloud calendar and accessible through all the normal means your service provides. Artful Agenda is available as an App in your device’s app store and as a web site. The web site currently has more functionality and its layouts are more like paper.

Month, Day and Week views are accessed from tabs as they would be in a paper planner.

Each calendar gets its own cover, colors, and handwriting styles.

The included stickers make visually identifying your appointments a breeze and add artistic flare.

In addition to appointments you can also make custom lists, manage tasks, and takes notes.

If you have wished that Outlook or Gmail worked and looked more like a paper planner, give Artful Agenda a try. There’s a free trial after which a $3.99 monthly or $34.99 yearly subscription will keep you artfully plugging away.

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