Adjust Your Service Plans to Save Money While Working From Home

Many Americans are working from home for a much longer stretch than anyone expected. For some, it has become a permanent change. For others, it is a temporary situation with no end in sight. The other night my spouse and I sat down to review and modify our various service plans to better fit our current lifestyle.

We’re both home and paying for unlimited mobile data when our phones hardly leave Wi-Fi didn’t make sense. We contacted our mobile provider and they helped us make some changes that saved more than $100.00 a month. They even threw in a free year of HBO MAX.

The changes weren’t limited to our mobile plan. Working from home being on VPNs, video calls, and accessing our company’s cloud data was causing us to go over the data cap from our ISP. We dropped the movie channels that we never watched and boosted the data plan to a faster connection with unlimited use. The monthly bill was a wash, the savings will come from not getting hit by the overage fees.

If your family is working from home for an extended period, take a look at the services you pay for. Chances are the way that you use them has changed. Don’t limit your investigations to digital services. Everything from your car insurance to your electric bill was based around your being out of the house most of the time.

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