OneDrive Sharing Report

Over time you can end up sharing lots of files with people via OneDrive. It is easy to forget who has access. Microsoft has included a report utility in OneDrive Online that will export a list of all the shared files and who has access to them.

  • Find the OneDrive icon in your system tray (next to clock) right click on the icon and then select View Online from the menu. 
  • OneDrive will launch in your default web browser.  
  • In the OneDrive Title Bar click the settings icon (gear on the left) 
  • Click OneDrive Settings in the menu.  
  • Click More Settings in the menu on the left.  
  • Click Run Sharing Report in the menu on the right. 
  • Choose or create a folder to save the report in. 
  • The report will be in a CSV format that will open in Excel.  You will receive an email notification when the report is ready to view.

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