How To Stop Sharing OneDrive Files

In my previous post, I explained how to run a report in OneDrive that lists all of the data you have shared and who you have shared it with. These shares build up over time and it is easy to forget who has access to what. So you’ve run the report and found some data you would like to stop sharing, but how do you?

Find the OneDrive icon in your system tray (next to clock) right-click on the icon and then select View Online from the menu.

OneDrive will launch in your default web browser. Click Shared in the menu on the left. Then click Shared by me in the menu on top.

Click the icon at the end of the file that you want to stop sharing. Then click on Manage Access from the menu that appears.

In the menu that opens, click Stop Sharing or use the other controls to adjust the permissions to your liking. The advanced link in the lower left will help you remove links you have sent to others via email or text message. If you have trouble see this Microsoft support document for more information.

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