Understand Employee Utilization with Microsoft 365 Usage Reports

A question that I am often asked after a Microsoft 365 implementation is, “How do I know what people are doing with it ?” Microsoft’s ever evolving cloud platform has recently added an improved reporting feature that is easy to use and very informative.

Logon to the Microsoft 365 admin portal with your global administration account by going to https://portal.microsoft.com/ and entering your credentials when prompted. In the menu on the left click the option at the bottom to “Show all”, click the drop down next to Reports, then click on Usage.

Once you have located the reporting feature using it is straight forward. There’s a drop down in the upper-right corner that changes the number of days worth of data you are viewing. The “View More” buttons on each section drill into more detailed views of each product like SharePoint or OneDrive. Some of the widgets also feature an export button to create a report that you can share with non-administrators.

There is a surprising amount of detail for each piece of Microsoft 365. You can see who is sharing data from their OneDrive and how many files they store there, along with what is in your SharePoint sites and how often they are accessed. You can even see which of the Office application are used most often.

I’ve been able to use the reporting facility to answer a lot of questions for the tenants that I support. I’m sure that you and your business will find the data useful as well.

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