The Best One is the 6th Gen iPad Mini

An iPad Mini is the lesser-known middle sibling that sits between a full-size tablet and a phone. The diminutive tablet is often skipped over in Apple’s upgrade cycles. Not this time though. The new Mini has been completely redesigned and the results are spectacular. 

First up on the long list of upgrades is the screen.  Apple reduced the size of the bezels and rounded their corners which drastically updates the look of the tablet. The 8.3-inch screen is larger but doesn’t consume any more physical space. HDR and 327 pixels per inch mean everything is bright and crisp. Gamers will be disappointed with the 60 FPS limit.

The 6th gen screen is considerably larger than the 5th’s despite the tablet itself being smaller. 

For the last year my spouse has needed to keep track of two Apple pencils. The iPad Mini line picked up support for the stylus a generation back, butter for the proverbial sliced bread. In true Apple, “milk it for all its worth” form, support was only for the first gen tool, even though the second gen stylus was available. This time around, you can use the new magnetic pencil and it sticks right on the side like it should. For writing on a screen, it is hard to beat the experience of a fast tablet that weighs just over half-a-pound.

The 6th Gen iPad Mini delivers one of the best digital writing experiences you can have on any device.

Speaking of fast, the A15 chip is impressive. With Wi-Fi 6 and optional 5G LTE hoovering up the net’s charms at up to 1.2 gigabits per second, you need a CPU / GPU combo that can keep up. The A15 is more than up for the task. Even split screen multi-tasking with a game and a video doesn’t cause it to lag.  Only the screen’s slower refresh rate will keep the hardcore mobile gaming community from flocking to this system.

Add a ten-hour battery, Touch ID, a 12 MP camera, stereo speakers, almost every aspect of the Mini has been upgraded to the most modern technology available (except for that refresh rate). Out of the entire Apple line up, this Mini is my personal favorite. It delivers all of Apple’s magic in the largest visual, best sounding, comfortably handheld, experience possible.

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