PC Desks for Small Spaces

I have a gaming laptop, but when playing at home I hook it up to a full-size monitor, keyboard, and mouse. By the time you include the power supplies, speakers, and cables, I end up needing a desk for it.

Floor space is a valuable commodity everywhere. You can squeeze a top-tier PC experience into a small space. Going vertical is the key. This wire-rack option is barley wider than the monitor. The upper shelf is great storage space that is large enough for a desktop PC. My laptop fits on the keyboard tray. This layout allows for a two-screen setup in a very narrow space.

Velco straps make a great cable management option on wire shelves.

If you prefer something that looks like more traditional furniture, the desk in a cabinet design is also an efficient use of space. Again, the keyboard tray will hold my laptop while a 32″ monitor fits in the top.

The cabinet units feature doors that close to hide everything. If you have a similar setup, be careful not to cause an overheating situation. I cut some holes in the cardboard backing and installed some cheap USB powered fans to exhaust the heat.

There are countless options besides these two. I’ve used small tables, and carts. I’ve hidden computers in the living room entertainment center and the kitchen island. Just remember to allow for plenty of air flow. Your cabinet cooling solution should move as much air as the computer system exhausts under heavy load. Without adequate airflow you lose some FPS and could possibly cause physical damage to your computer.


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