NVIDIA Releases HOTFIX Driver to Correct Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Woes

The newest entry in the Call of Duty franchise has proven to be a hit. The single player campaign features almost photo-realistic graphics and a compelling storyline that keeps you on-edge until the end. The multi-player offerings are on-par with the best of the best. Tight controls, skills-based matchmaking, and new gaming modes will keep you coming back for more.

Like many new games at launch, not everything has come up roses. PC players using NVIDIA GPU’s have experienced a wide range of problems from screen flickering to the game completely crashing. The newest GeForce driver (526.47) did not fix things, it made them worse. Advice from both NVIDIA and Activision has been to roll-back to or re-install older driver versions.

NVIDIA has released a HOTFIX driver to address the issues. HOTFIX drivers are not automatically downloaded. If you want to try the new driver. You will need to download it from this NVIDIA link and manually install it yourself. The installation is straight forward, download the file and double click to start the installation. I advise that you reboot when it is complete, even if you are not prompted to.

I’ve been playing with the new driver all day. The dark artifacts, white flickering, and crashes have stopped in both the campaign mode and multi-player.

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