Solved A Gaming Laptop’s HDMI and TV Incompatibility

I’ve had my ASUS Dash FI5 3070-based laptop and my LG OLED TV for almost two years. In all that time, I have never managed to use them together. Anytime that I connect the laptop’s HDMI port to the TV and start any Dirext X game, the computer reboots.

You read that right. The computer immediately reboots itself. There are no events logged in the event viewer, no pop-up errors, not even a sound, just a cold restart. I’ve flashed the BIOS and every piece of firmware. I have updated every driver and re-installed Windows. I’ve also taken the case off and re-seated everything. All to no avail.

If I connect the same laptop to my Samsung QLED TV, it works beautifully. When I carried my 3080Ti-based desktop in and hooked it up to the LG screen, the experience was fantastic. So the laptop and the TV worked separately. It didn’t seem to be a Nvidia bug either, both were using the same current Nvidia driver and application set.

Research online strongly suggested my problem could be caused by a low quality HDMI cable. I was already using an 8K HDMI certified cable from a reputable brand, but I went ahead and ordered several others to test. Not even a top-shelf, one-hundred dollar, super-cable, stopped the reboot. Here’s the link if you’re curious;

Eventually, I gave up trying to use my laptop for gaming on the OLED screen. Until I ran across a little gadget I hoped might be the fix. A twenty dollar Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter that I picked up from Amazon completely solved the problem. Games start up at 4K, 120 FPS, HDR without issue.

There are several manufacturers making quit a few models of Thunderbolt to HDMI adapters. This is a link to the one I purchased: If you’re having a similar issue with your gaming laptop connecting to a particular screen, perhaps a similar device might help? USB-C is not always Thunderbolt, but Thunderbolt can always use USB-C (I think). Both types of ports come in various versions, so do your research and good luck.

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