Nintendo Switch; One year old and still the bomb!

When I last wrote about the Nintendo Switch my family had two of them. Now we have five! Clearly we need to work on sharing in my tribe. We’re not in the habit of purchasing each family member their own console but the portability of the system demands it. How are we supposed to share […]

Multiple Nintendo Switches play Splatoon 2 on the same ISP/Network and fix NAT Type D; Pfsense Firewall

In my house there are two Nintendo Switches and we have two copies of Splatoon 2. We like to play the game together but of course we only have one Internet connection. At first it seemed like this wasn’t going to work. The principal configuration in my solution should be possible on most modern networks but the terms and menu options will be different on other manufacture’s equipment.

How to choose a Gaming Laptop; Lenovo Y700 Review

Anybody that has read my blog will realize that I’m a gamer.  I enjoy all types of games on all types of systems and that includes the PC. My house has two gaming PC’s in it; my pervious setup and the one I just finished building a few months ago. This allows my family to […]

Razer Kraken USB vs. Razer Kraken 7.1 v2 Gaming Headsets

Over the years I have owned and used almost every type of headset out there. I started with the basic 3.5mm jack in sets that came with the Walkman. Then, when the original Xbox came out I got my first wireless set. I’ve had Bose, Apple, Samsung, Turtle Beach, Lenovo, Sony, Corsair, and everything in […]

Life with the Nintendo Switch. 7 months and counting

I’ve had the Gameboy (all of them), 3DS (both), GameGear, the PSP (both), and the Vita (both). I used mobile games to quit smoking. Instead of taking a smoke break, I’d go for a walk and play a game for 10 minutes. Instead of smoking after a meal, I took Mario or Sonic out of […]

A gamer family’s trip to PAX South 2017

My wife and I were trying to figure out something cool to do for a family trip. We’d already done Yellowstone, the mountains, the ocean, Disney, you know all the great American family trips…… We were looking for something more personal to us. I mentioned that I had always wanted to go to a game expo.