Universal Shoulder Buttons Improve Your Phone Gaming Experience

Playing a shooter like Fortnite or Call of Duty on your phone can be frustrating. Without physical “triggers” I find myself having to look at the screen to find the touch spots for aiming down the sites and firing. Each time that I do, I end up the one bleeding out on the ground. Some […]

Ring Fit Adventure Exercise for Fun

I’ve been a fan of interactive workouts for quite some time. I have an elliptical machine and stationary bike, both of which will hold my tablet or phone. I play YouTube videos of people running and biking in exotic places to keep myself motivated. Treadmill TV is one of my favorite channels. The Ring Fit […]

Xbox One X vs. Xbox One S vs. Xbox One

I play almost as many console games, as I do PC titles. I had been playing my original Xbox One and ruled out an upgrade. My logic being that I’d use the PC for 4K and HDR. It turns out that plan was a little short sighted. I play console games with a lot of […]

Nvidia’s 2080 Ti, The New Hottness

Gaming PCs have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I like to build them myself and through the years I’ve learned that getting the best quality components is less expensive in the long run. Much like buying your kid a pair of sneakers that is one size too big, […]

Family Fun with Super Mario Party on the Nintendo Switch

My family has been playing Mario Party together since our children were big enough to hold a controller. I firmly believe that families who play together, stay together; some of our favorite memories are centered around this title. We’ve been playing the newest edition all weekend, (yeah for cold rain) read-on to find out how […]

Modern Virtual Reality; 2.5 years in and better than ever

Way back in 1991, I played an RPG game called Legend Quest at an arcade in Kansas City. I had long been a gamer and spent many an hour trying to own the top scores for games like Pac-Man, Asteroids, 1942, Double-Dragon, and Out-Run, but this game was very different from those. You stood on […]